November 4, 2013

Thank You!

by Perdita Felicien

I needed the dust to settle and for me to absorb all of this before I shared my thoughts. So here they are, and yes it’s chalked full of all kinds of randomness and foolery, but it’s a very sincere thank you from me to you…and a bit of a confessional too. Thanks for stopping by! -P

Topics: Thank yous, the treadmill World Championships, the euphoria and aftermath of being dunn done, my new job…cold feet? What I don’t miss, clawing competitors in the face….my hometown is the best town, will I miss this past life, the cookie monster goes to Walmart, would I ever un-retire. -P xo

A few retirement news links…ok a lot! (all video):

CBC Documentary – Right to Play  visit to W. Africa: (12:10)

CTV National News (3:23)

Retirement Announcement @ public school: (2:03)

Retirement reception (Live) (29:59)

Global News video (2:40)

CHCH: (0:55)

CBC News Network: (3:20)

CP24 Live (2:33)